From few information, we at Prudentia can inform/determine the competencies each of us has – meaning that we, without having to hold personal and thus time-consuming and ultimately costly meetings or prior talk with a particular candidate, can determine whether that person has the right/relevant prerequisite to be the “right one”.
In doing so, Prudentia helps in advance to analyze the person correctly and make sure that the person’s real skills/abilities are not hidden by the person being good at “selling himself” in a personal conversation.
Therefore, the use of Prudentia will have a decisive impact on finding the right candidate and this will contribute to future success not only for the company but also for the employee’s future work in the company. 


Board of Directors.

It is important that companies focus on effective management. The value of the companies comes from the decisions of the boards and are important for the long-term success. Prudentia can help assess the composition of the board without having to meet/question the individual but solely by assessing each member based on their abilities.


Talent development.

If you want to help your own children the best way in life, at Prudentia we can help you with what we call “talent development”. In this way, we can guide you and your child on the “right path” understood so that we at Prudentia believe that the greatest success in life is achieved by working/educating within and using the competencies you are born with.
Furthermore, through Prudentia, parents will be able to gain a better insight into their children’s competencies/potential and thus better understand these which will provide a better dialogue and thus hopefully also a better family life.

Job Search.

Furthermore, we can help job seekers choose the “right” path based on the qualifications they possess.


At Prudentia we can also help with some questions if, for example, considering whether to change industry, when to change and help with unexpected challenges etc.

Prudentia is a strong partner for the future success of companies, future employees, individuals as well as for children, adolescents and their parents.

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