Prudentia is a small but professional company that mainly specializes in person profiles, helping recruitment companies, headhunters and companies and their HR managers in the selection of applying candidates.
If your company needs to get the composition of the board or the individual board member assessed and/or selected, we at Prudentia can also help.
Furthermore, Prudentia can also help individuals and couples, parents and children as well as young people – see more about our services in – “what can we do”
Prudentia is “one of a kind” and there are no others who in the same way can work out person profiles this way – “so try us”….

Prudentia is a strong partner for the future success of companies, future employees, individuals as well as for children, adolescents and their parents.

Prudentia ApS - Havneparken 2, DK7100 Vejle - Denmark - E-mail: